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Part-time Car Rental Subscription

Affordable rentals for private individuals

Discover HuurMij’s Part-time Car
More than 300 participants are already using this form of low-cost renting with HuurMij.

The benefits of the Part-time Car at a glance:
- Hundreds of euros cheaper per month than owning a car
- Kilometer saving system
- Available on demand
- If desired, a different car class of your choice each time
- Perfectly maintained vehicles and never older than two years
- No expensive car sitting idle at the door
- All-risk insured (in-house) with a deductible of only €150
- A free child seat if desired
- Six-month no-obligation trial
- Free secure bicycle parking at the rental location

Save many euros per year
Don't have a car or do you have one that often sits unused at the door? Then the Part-time Car is the ideal solution! You'll quickly save hundreds of euros a year if you use the Part-time Car effectively, that is: regularly, but not every day. Only when you need it.

What is the Part-time Car
The Part-time Car is a perfectly maintained car that is never more than two years old. You can choose from many different makes and models in our fleet every time. The Part-time Car is always there for you. Every weekend? A few days a week? During the holidays? You decide when and how often to use the car.

Who is the Part-time Car for?
The Part-time Car is ideal for people who want to drive consciously. Based on a fixed annual subscription, they will be entitled to very competitive rental rates and associated benefits.

You don't waste unused free kilometers
With the Part-time Car, you get as much as 200 kilometers free per day of use. The free kilometers you don't drive, you save up for another time within the annual subscription.

Carefree driving without hassle
Driving a Part-time Car means driving without all the hassle. Your Part-time Car is all-risk insured and both road tax and maintenance costs are included. In case of any damage, you only have a deductible of €150 without a reduction premium and we take care of the further settlement.

Join now and pay no subscription fee for the first six months

Signing up is very simple. When you pick up the vehicle, indicate that you want to become a member and all the benefits of the Part-time Car will already be incorporated into the first rental agreement!


  • There is no minimum age for participation
  • When picking up a rental car, you must always be able to show your driver's license
  • The amounts due, related to renting vehicles, are automatically collected from a Dutch bank account afterwards. You must provide an authorization for this
  • Because we are constantly renewing our fleet, types of cars and associated rates may deviate from, or not appear on, the rate list
  • Rentals are made under the General Rental Conditions for Members of the Bovag Rental Companies
  • When renting freight transportation, you get a 10% discount (no km saving)
  • Total days driven x 200 km = annualized free kilometers
  • Half day = 100 free km
  • Any additional kilometers driven cost €0.17
  • Annual subscription costs €50
  • Rates are inclusive of VAT
  • Fully insured with a deductible of only €150
  • Excluding fuel
  • Price changes reserved
  • Part-time car rates are not possible in combination with other promotions

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HuurMij Amsterdam

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