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Are you an expat?

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Get carefree mobility in the Netherlands with Huurmij/Supershortlease

Are you temporarily working in the Netherlands and looking for a reliable and easy transport solution? Huurmij/Supershortlease is the experienced and service oriented partner of expats and their employers. Countless international businesses employ Huurmij/Supershortlease to arrange the mobility of their expats in the Netherlands, at competitive rates.

Short rental - 1 day to 30 days

For short rentals (less than 30 days), you can check this site. Huurmij focuses on carrental for the short term. With offices in Leiden, Leiderdorp, Alphen aan den Rijn, and in particular Haarlem and Amsterdam, we are always nearby.

Long rent - 30 days and more

For rentals longer than 1 month you can visit Supershortlease were we offer shortlease options. Shortlease is a modern and flexible way of short leasing. You can terminate the contract just a day after one month. Huurmij and Supershortlease are part of Rebel Lease.

Schiphol airport service

Would you like to get in quick and easy or parking on arrival or departure at Schiphol Airport, you can! Pick up and return the rental car 24 hours a day through our Schiphol service. Inquire about the cost and conditions.
If you want to make use of this service please indicate when booking: #schipholservice.

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Service and ease of use

Huurmij/Supershortlease stands for service and user-friendliness for expats in the Netherlands! We provide practical solutions for every expat who requires a good and reliable car.

Wide service area
Huurmij/Supershortlease provides its services throughout the entire Randstad area. From the harbors of Rotterdam and Amsterdam to the Zuidas, from the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht to the Amsterdam RAI, from de Blaak in Rotterdam to the Rembrandt Tower and from the auctions in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk to the industrial area of Europoort: Huurmij/Supershortlease will take care of your car rental in a pleasant and hassle-free manner.

International customer base
Our international customer base comprises businesses from across the world. From Europe – various EU countries – the United States and Asia, particularly China. All of them choose Supershortlease as their trusted partner.

What do our customers ask for?

  • “We are going to do business in the Netherlands and are looking for mobility for our employees…”
  • “Our company has a booth at the exhibition in the Amsterdam RAI. We are looking for three passenger cars and one van at very short notice.”
  • “For a large project at one of our refineries in Europoort we are looking for some minivans for our contractors.”
  • “For an audit of our Dutch sales office we require respectable cars for three of our employees.”
  • “For a restructuring of our activities in the Benelux area our interim director requires a comfortable car without mileage restrictions for three months.”
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The advantages of Huurmij/Supershortlease

  • Wide service area
  • Special service for international customers
  • Free roadside assistance throughout western Europe
  • Easy online ordering
  • Free passenger insurance
  • Pick-up and drop-off service at your business location
  • Competitive rates for loyal customers
  • Payment on account possible – no credit card hassle for your expats

Do you have a remark or a question?

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HuurMij Leiderdorp
HuurMij Leiderdorp

Lijnbaan 12, 2352 CK 071 5 820 820 leiderdorp@huurmij.nl

HuurMij Leiden
HuurMij Leiden

Pesthuislaan 8, 2333 BA 071 51 34 700 leiden@huurmij.nl

HuurMij Alphen a/d Rijn
HuurMij Alphen a/d Rijn

Handelsweg 14, 2404 CD 0172 426 657 alphen@huurmij.nl

HuurMij Haarlem
HuurMij Haarlem

Koudenhorn 24-30, 2011 JD 023 53 19 131 haarlem@huurmij.nl

HuurMij Amsterdam
HuurMij Amsterdam

Karel Doormanstraat 105e, 1055 VD 020 688 10 15 amsterdam@huurmij.nl